It’s a good thing that no one remembers their teething stage. The pain, the crying... and that’s just for the parents! Teeth are something that we take for granted once we become old enough to eat independently. But let’s not underestimate how vitally important baby teeth are for your children and their oral health development.
Just because baby teeth fall out, some parents may assume that they aren't all that important. The idea that they are unimportant because they will all be replaced by bigger, stronger teeth in a few years may keep children from learning good hygiene habits early on. It is a fact that baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by new teeth, but that does not mean that any accrued oral health issues will disappear once the baby teeth are gone. Baby teeth serve as a holding ground for their adult replacements. They aid in speech development and provide effective chewing ability as children’s food options mature.

Promote good dental hygiene habits

Baby teeth may be small, but if they are not properly taken care of, they can lead to big problems. The good news is that tooth decay and gingivitis are not difficult to prevent! If you talk to any dentist, including Dr. Palafox, they will tell you to brush and floss twice daily. Of course, your child will not be able to hold a tooth brush and clean their teeth right away, that is something that they will need to be taught. Their first toothbrush needs to have a soft head as to not damage the gums or fragile teeth. A damp towel can be used to wipe a baby’s gums even if teeth have not yet erupted to the surface. Parent’s guidance is necessary for several years after a child can hold the brush. Let your child watch you brush while he/she practices her own brushing technique and follow up with a thorough cleaning done by you in order to keep a child’s dental problems at bay.
Oral health is important for everyone. Whether you are just a toddler with your first set of teeth or an adult with your last set of teeth, taking care of your mouth by brushing and flossing every day is a must. Try discussing the importance of taking care of your teeth to your children. Make it fun, make it routine and follow-up with biyearly visits to your family dentist.

Contact your dentaloffice and schedule routine cleanings for the whole family. Build a positive relationship between the dentist and your child at an early age to support long-term oral health. 

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