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Professional Teeth Whitening Services for Fresno Area Dental Patients of Dr. Palafox

Tooth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures sought after because people want to have bright and beautiful-looking teeth. Dr. Palafox in Fresno can provide effective, professional tooth whitening services for discolored or stained teeth.

Of course, tooth whitening has become a huge industry, and there are numerous over-the-counter products making claims to whiten teeth. However, none of the products that consumers buy in the store have the same degree of effectiveness as professional tooth whitening nor do they care for potential sensitivities created during the process. Managed dental treatments help to decrease negative side-affects and increase results.

A certain amount of tooth discoloration occurs naturally as people age. Changes in tooth structure may create a darkened or more yellowed appearance. However, there are many other things that will contribute to discoloration. One of the worst culprits is smoking, but drinking a lot of dark-colored liquids like coffee or red wine can also have a detrimental effect. Some discoloration can occur during tooth development from overexposure to fluoride (an effect called fluorosis) or exposure to certain antibacterial medications, such as tetracycline, which can leave teeth spotted or dark yellow. Results are case by case specific with so many environmental and health factors to consider. A consultation with Dr. Palafox will help determine potential individual results.

Understanding In-House Teeth Whitening Systems 

Teeth whitening procedures contain hydrogen peroxide used to penetrate into the dentin in order to bleach stains. When the treatment occurs in a dental office, a special light is also used to accelerate that process, so people get noticeable results almost instantly. In-house dental treatments will also care for surrounding soft tissue in the mouth for more complete oral care. 

During the tooth whitening procedure, gel is applied, and a set of trays are placed over the teeth to help protect sensitive gums and surrounding tissues. Results can be achieved in just one visit. Dr. Palafox also likes to provide patients with an Opalescence take-home kit, so that they can do touch-ups on their own. This is a great way to maintain the results achieved in the office.

Of course, there are instances where tooth whitening is not the answer. This is especially true in cases where the discoloration of teeth is severe, or where discoloration is the result of decay or damage. When that happens, other options will need to be considered, such as porcelain veneers or crowns. 

Also, whitening products only work on natural tooth enamel, so any old dental work, such as fillings and crowns, will not be affected. In some cases, this might mean that old dental work needs to be replaced in order to match the newer and whiter appearance of teeth.

Achieve a Whiter Smile in Fresno with Dr. Palafox

Dr. Palafox will provide patients with all of the information they need to make a decision about their cosmetic dental treatment. He is committed to helping every patient achieve their brightest and whitest smile while maintaining function and overall good oral health. Contact the office for more information.



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